Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My past week plus of fishing.

May 2nd

Went to the Middle Provo the water is still high but the fishing was still good. Caught everything sub-surface with brown and red san jaun worms.

After fishing the san jaun on the way back to the truck I fishing the same spots with a streamer, dark green with some red flash, and hooked into some nice browns.

May 5th

Fished the first caddis hatch of the year. It was really nice to be hunting for raising fish in a small local stream. Small streams are fun because you only get one or two casts to the raising fish so it forces you to be really accurate. Also, the way trout hit a caddis is awesome. Caught a bunch of fish all on size 14 olive bodied elk hair caddis.

May 8th - 9th

The Middle Provo again. The water is still high and the fishing is a bit tough. Again the red and brown san juan were working. But this time of year is when the green drakes and stone fly nymphs start moving around. So, flash back pheasant tails, golden stone flies, and the twenty incher nymphs were working too.

May 11thJones Hole Creek. This place is awesome, clear as gin and some good sized rainbows.

Caught all but one of my fish on the surface using big cicadas, ants or fat alberts. Caught one fish on the trailing fly which was flash back bars emerger. This palce was crazy with bugs crane flies, may flies, golden stone flies and cicadas were all flying around. This made the fishing really fun because you could try a wide varity of flies.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mother's Day caddis are coming soon.

This morning I went fishing at a close local stream for an hour before I went into work from 9am - 10am. Last night I went on a small hike by this stream at dusk to see if there were any caddis. Did not see any caddis on the stream but fish were raising and slurping up small midges. So, when I got to the stream this morning I tied on a size 14 chartreuse copper john with a trailing size 20 zebra midge. I caught 2 browns both fish ate the chartreuse copper john. I like to use the chartreuse copper john around the time of caddis hatches when the water is high. It gets the fish's attention when the water is a little off color and is a fairly good caddis larva imitation. Will be posting pictures soon.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fishing the Weber

Fished the Weber yesterday between Rockport and Echo. Was slow starting out, started with fishing a variety of nymphs but only caught a couple of Whitefish. But when I switch to dark olive green streamers things changed. Landed six good Browns and missed many more. I was using a floating line with a weighted streamer. It was really cool because when the fish hit the streamer they would jump right out of the water.